Middle School Bus and High School Drama

Middle School Bus:

Between 7 and 8th grade I was actually bullied by kids younger than me on my bus. It was only after school and they'd always throw paper balls at the back of my head and made me cry. At one point, I decided enough was enough and I walked home from school, which was at least 2 miles. But I live in Phoenix and it's really hot and I couldn't do that everyday. So the next day I was back on the bus, be tortured by younger kids. Now I'm short-tempered so when I finally had enough, I got up out of my seat and yelled at them. After that, my mom picked me up everyday after school.

High School Drama:

Between 10th and 11th grade, I had some issues. This story isn't about bullying but friendship. My first best friend from 6th went behind my back. We were both on the same level of choir, which was 3-4, and we had both auditioned for the next level, 5-6. I had made it and she didn't. She had gotten all upset and when she got home she complain how I had gotten into the next level of choir and she didn't. Her dad had sent an email to our teacher, say all that and including my name. As soon as I heard about that, I stop talking to her right away. We weren't friends anymore and it was awkward for me to still sit with her and her friends at lunch, so I started sitting by myself. I had stopped eating my lunch by then because of how depressed I had became because I had no friends. Our Assistant Principal had been walking by and noticed that I was down and asked me what was wrong and I just shook my head and started crying so she took my to the counseling office and had me talk to my counselor, who had actually found a group of friends from me to hang out with at lunch. The following year my ex-best friend had actually made it to 5-6, the next semester I dropped out of choir because I found it too difficult and boring.

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