12 years of misery

I moved to a new school in 1st grade. I didn't fit in- I wasn't from their small town, I could already read well, and colored inside the lines. The bullying started and didn't stop until I graduated last year.

I was pushed in lockers, thrown to the floor, verbally abused, pushed of the playground, pushed into garbage cans, and much more.

The teachers and administrators were aware of what was happening, but because the bullies were popular and on sports teams, I was told to suck it up.

Some bullying even occurred at the hands of some teachers.

I was always told "It gets better," but it never did.

It got worse when I developed crippling depression and anxiety. My peers would play off of what would hurt me.

I tried to kill myself, but failed.

My 'friends' didn't want to be seen with me and left me, and I was alone.

I ate lunch in teachers' classrooms because no table would take me in.

Then kids realized I was smart and wanted to use me for that. They would threaten me to do their homework, let them copy my tests, and when I didn't things got worse.

The only life lessons I got from these experiences are that you can't trust anyone, and the people who claim they will help you  are lying.

Those who are willing to help you and care are one in a million, and even they might leave.

It left me bitter and emotionally crippled, but it also has made me think about going into teaching so that I can help kids like me; kids with no one who just need someone.

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