Christina Underwood

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    Your all wonderfully unique in your own way. Hold on, and hang on, you will see the light at the end of every tunnel if you believe. And know your not alone in this, we all will fight for happiness and support you in every way!.

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    It Begins With One.

    IT BEGINS WITH ONE. Hi, my name is Kerri Abney. I am hoping to be able to begin an early prevention program for ages 3-5. Studies show that children between 3-5 are most impressionable, and this age sets the foundation of how we will interact with people in general as we grow. Many parents and teachers have thought to introduce such things as a second language, due to younger age children learn easier when younger. They are absorbing and processing all sorts of information consistently. It is my belief that this would be the perfect time to lay the foundations anti-bullying, say no to drugs, and also programs that teach to love all, and have confidence. The say no to drugs program begin in elementary school. I think we should focus on presenting these preventative life skills at an age proven to lay foundations in our up and coming youth. How great would it be if a new generation came forth where the thought of being a bully wasn't even a thought? Where our kids have a solid foundation to stay away from drugs? And all shared a common love and respect for all? This is my hopes, my vision, and I would appreciate any help being able to bring this to life. We know that this time frame in a child's development is preferred for introducing a second language. And far too many of us know how deeply the pain of being bullied can be, and sadly, there are many who have taken their own life because the pain of being bullied was too great. What if having this knowledge available to us at this young age, would help prevent so much pain in the future? I am completely open to ideas on which avenue to approach first, also for team members to help with this project. This is my idea, and I feel so strongly about being able to try this approach, I welcome any thoughts, and questions, and suggestions. Please, and Thank You!






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