What did I do?

I remember when I use to have a close friend, and we were really close and a new girl came to our school, and she hung out with us once and she seemed pretty cool. She stopped, and she hung out with these other girls, and a couple of weeks later they started telling her that they didn't want to hangout with her because of all the drama she caused. My friend and I didn't know if she was like that or not, and we let her hangout with us.. A few weeks later, she started drama with us. We didn't want to be rude and tell her, " We don't want to hangout with you anymore. " We just let it go, thinking it would get better. 

We were for sure wrong, I went to my friends house for the night and me and her would joke around and all that stuff, like normal pre teens would do.. I didn't stay over night because I got sick, and I didn't want to be there while I was sick, so I went home. 

On the Monday, it was school, and the girl who was causing all the drama told me to stay away from them, I was a horrible friend all that stuff. So I stayed away that who