I've never been bullied and I've never been bullying anybody. That's something I'll never ever do. The reason that I wanted to share my experiences, or rather thoughts, is because I get so touched from everything that I read, watch and hear about bullying. The ironic thing is that we all see bullying or teasing sometimes, or often, in our lives. In school for instance. People who don't "fit in" in our stupid ideals, people that dares to be different or people that just are new usually are the victims. We aren't stupid, we know that bullying exists and that it is common, but it is when you see a documentary like "Bully" that you really get food for thought, especially if bullying isn't anything you see everyday in school, for instance. Now when I've seen this documentary and read some of your stories, I really feel like I want to make a difference. Those kind of things really motivates and touches me, I feel such an empathy for those of you