the kid who stept in

I remember when i was like 6-7 i just started school i wasn´t the most popular kids i had some good freinds too. We wasn´t the coolest cids but we were holding on to each other. But it was the girls in my class and the popular guys that were picking on me and they where totally crude to me. They dident bully me all the time but somedays they where on me and pushing me out when i wanted to play with them. They called me some stuff and that but most of the time i just ignored them but when i got older when i was like 12 they didn´t bully med any more. They said that i was cool and they invited me to their freindship and  of course i said yes and i starting hanging out with the cool guys and the girls. But we had this guy in my class we had been classmates since i first started school. It was a thing about him that i dident see he was bullied to but i didn´t noticed that untill i was one of the cool guys and i noticed that they where bullying him and i feel ashamed to say this but i was bullying him to becuse all the other guys did that. And time went on and one day it was snow outside and a couple off guys said hey lets wrestle him down in the snow and punch him and i was like mmh yeea i never liked that they where bulliyng. And they did wrestle him down and he was screaming stop! stop! and there where like three people on him and they where laughing and pushed him down in the snow. But the wrong thing is that there where like 5-7 people just standing around him and watched. Then i finally came to my head what am i doing just standing here watching him get beaten down so i ran to him and trying to drag them away from him. When i started trying to get them of him all the people standing around helpt me to get the bullies of him. We got the bullies of him and the first thing he did was giving me a hug and said thanks you saved me. Then i understud that one person have to get in and help the bullied all the other people standing around and just watching are afraid to say something and if just one person can step in the other will to. Becuse they doesn't want to be the first to say something becuse they are afraid that they will be the bullied. And after that day i promised myself that i would never pick on anyone ever and time after that i have been trying to help people that have it hard in school. Im 16 now so this was 6 years ago but i remember it like it was yesterday never be afraid to step in. stop the bullying.  (SORRY ABOUT MY ENGLISH)

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