We Come Together As One.

We are all human beings. With thoughts, feelings, emotions. Everyday, millions upon millions of kids, and people are being bullied in various ways. Why do I support The Bully Project? Because I am a human being, with thoughts, feelings, and emotions. I am not a punching bag. I am not someone who you can verbally bully and use words to hurt me. I am someone. And so is everyone else. As a soon to be 19 year old woman, I pledge to make a difference in our world. To end bullying for good. Every type of bullying. We may each be one person, but together we make a whole. We are unstoppable. Bullying ends now. For good.

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    Drowning in a sea of relived memories.

    My bullying started the time around middle school. I went to a very large public school, where you were a number, not a person. You were not known unless you were popular. And to be popular you had to look, play, and dress the part. You ate at the popular table, you sat with the popular kids, went to dances, parties, ect. And if you weren't a popular, you were an outcast. A freak. A nobody. In the beginning of 7th grade I spent my lunches eating in the bathroom, because I had no one to sit wit. If you sat by yourself, you got made fun of. Laughed at. Pointed at. Started at. Like you were some alien species. So I hid, in the bathroom and ate my lunch alone. I was quiet in the classroom, never really participating. when we had group projects, I was picked last while everyone else got with their friends. My story of bullying isn't as bad as others or as extreme. In 8th grade, I was diagnosed with Chiari Malformation type 1. I was diagnosed in November. I was taken out of school and had a tutor come to the house because I couldn't go back to school before my brain surgery in February. Rumors were sent around that I was pregnant, that, that's why I wasn't there. Nobody cared besides my family. When I finally went back to school at the end of April, I got teased, laughed at, and started at because my head was shaved from my surgery. Everyone started as I walked through the hallways. I was the freak. And it was okay for everyone to laugh at me. I'm 19 years old now. And you know what, does anyone really know what being "popular" means? Yeah you have a lot of friends, you go to all the dances and games and ect. But to me, "popular" is just a word. At the end of the day, we are all human. What defines us is not what we wear, who we sit with, what we look like. But still, people do. And it shouldn't be like that. I don't like labels or definitions or whatever. So you're a "popular" so what? who cares? Do you think it's cool to shove that kid into a locker just because you felt like it? Or constantly call that girl fat because she doesn't look like you? Who gave you all this power to stand there and bully others? No one. You have NO power. The ones who stand up for what's right and speak up against bullying, THEY have the power. The voice. and together we make up an army that is unstoppable. No words, no shoves, no bullying can tear down the wall we have of people standing up against bullying. Together we make the difference. To everyone out there, always remember YOU ARE NOT ALONE. I love you. I think you're somebody. I think you're beautiful. I stand with you. Sending my love and hugs to everyone around the world xoxoxoxoxo

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    Support Groups

    I think it would be a very beneficial and helpful thing to do, would be to have support groups in your hometown. Have an advocate to host, and let people, kids come together, whether it's at a local church, someone's house, a park, whatever. These groups would let everyone share their stories face to face, together, meet new people, make friends. And most importantly be a shoulder to lean on and support. At these support groups, you can come up with more ways to get the word spread to STOP bullying. To let everyone know they are not alone. Parents, teachers, kids, anyone could come and talk and educate and get together. Have it a couple times a week/weekend.

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    Sparking a Movement

    We’ve sparked a national movement to stop bullying that is transforming kids’ lives and changing a culture of bullying into one of empathy and action.  But we need your help to build this movement into a national force that ends bullying in our generation and helps schools get the skills and and support they need to become safe spaces that welcome all learners.

    We have already reached nearly 4 million students and educators worldwide - Will you help us reach 10 Million?

    We’ll put your donation to work immediately to support the Bully Project’s mission.  Join us, make a contribution today.

    Gifts over $2,500 may be made as Tax-Deductible, please contact our office at : (212) 725-1220 to learn more.


The Bully Project is important to me because this is a worldwide phenomenon that needs to be stopped. Everyday, millions of people, kids, are being bullied. Physically, mentally, emotionally, verbally. It's time to STOP bullying, and time to take action.
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