My name is Chontelle Kindleysides, im from Wagga Wagga, NSW Australia. 

I was bullied for 13 years. Day in and day out. 

I was bullied by my day care mum, pre-school children, from the day i hit kinderarten, to year 9. The only reason it stopped was because i had enough. I stood up for myself and told them to stop, it got worse before it got better, but eventually they gave up. 

When i was a kid, and i got picked on, it would break my heart, i didnt know what todo, do i run? do i laugh? do i say something? i started to hurt myself at the age of 7. And continued on till this day. 

I was always reaaallllllyyy tall and skinny, i was seriously like a mini model. I would get all kinds of names about my appearence. it was so painful to just stand there and lsiten, but by this time i had alreaady started to hear things, i had an imaginary friend named dot. he helped me thr