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Because no child,teen or adult should be judged or labeled by anyone for anything.

  • posted about Principal's Pledge on Facebook 2017-03-23 16:42:44 -0400
    I just took the principal's pledge on The Bully Project:

    Principal's Pledge

    By taking this pledge, principals agree to foster a school climate based on mutual respect and tolerance for every individual in every school, to hold everyone in the school community accountable for preventing bullying, and to intervene in every bullying incident in their schools. This pledge is built on NAESP’s long-standing “Principals’ Creed,” which articulates principals’ commitment to education, children, and instructional excellence. For more resources on how to prevent bullying in your school, please visit:


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    Bullying is just peoples insecurities which is taught at home and most children now a days are bullied for no apparent reason whether its what they wear, how they act, relationship status or how perceive themselves they should be loved and cared for not labeled and judged.

  • posted about 10 Million Kids Campaign on Facebook 2017-03-23 16:24:32 -0400
    Let's get 10 million kids to watch BULLY and inspire action against bullying:

    10 Million Kids Campaign

    When we started, our primary goal was to educate kids, and we aimed our materials at teaching them the lessons of the film. But we soon realized that we were missing a bigger opportunity to impact the adults in the school community. With the guidance of our partners, we looked for the most effective prevention strategies; we asked ourselves what we could deliver at scale that could make a difference?

    The outcome of that work was a commitment to an educational reform approach known as Social and Emotional Learning (SEL). SEL is about building trusting relationships within a school, teaching empathy, and ensuring that every student (even in a large school) has one adult they are connected to and can trust when they have a problem. It’s about building student leadership and embracing new types of discipline, and about creating public accountability around these issues. But it has also traditionally been a confusing and tough sell.

    So our new task was to leverage the power of BULLY to move hearts and minds in the direction of SEL. In its first wave, over 250,000 students saw BULLY in movie theatres across North America!

    Now our educator’s DVD and tool kit has become the vehicle: with a distinct “You can do it!” attitude and a universally affordable price of $35.00, it encourages purchasers to get on a roadmap to creating change in schools. We moved from a focus on teaching the lessons of the film to kids to curating a broader user experience aimed at adults first, and built on the premise that anyone in a school community can be the change maker. This theory of change is critical to understanding our 1 million kinds campaign. Today – with your help – The BULLY Project has surpassed its initial goal of 1 Million Kids. We have now reached over 3.6 million kids in over 3,000 cities and 7 countries, and that number is continually rising. 3.6 million represents 25% of all secondary students in the United States, but we know that can do better: As a result we’ve increased our goal to reach 10 Million Kids!

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I been a victim of bullying and still am.
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