The boy who bullys said had said had sex with a cat.

I am now 39.  I am educated and have a professional life and live my life with honor and meaning.  I am still healing and only now understanding how severe the impact of bullying was on my life from the ages of 10-14.  In addition my father was a very respected and soft spoken wealthy business man in Central Vermont, but behind closed doors he was a bully.  A dirty little secret only my mother and I knew about.  I was severely physically and emotionally abused at Barre Town, Vermont Elementary school in the mid to late 1980s, and nothing was done about it.   My story would have made a center piece in "Bully",  it is one of the most severe bully stories I have heard.  Yet trauma is measured by the individual and not by the event, trauma is trauma...IE bullying creates complex post traumatic stress disorder no matter the story!!  I will post my entire story soon when I have time.  Meanwhile I thank the film makers and brave brave children who let us see their story.  And the adults (heros) who have stood up to protect children from what I believe is on par with  child sex abuse, and physical child abuse.  Because the results are the same on a person as they try to live normal lives after being abused!  I made a small donation today to this project.  If you can, please do!




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