over coming the odds

i was  four years old when i someone start bully me. i didnt why they did, i remember walking down the street minding my own business when their was two 12 year old boy. they started walking towards me, so as me i was trying to act freindly saying hey guy not knowing i was about to get beat up by them. they looked at me then one of them slap across my face, i fell then they started stomping me into the ground. i left alone in the cold i walk home to a mother who ask me what to you, :i just got beat up mom then she said oh well you of run.i was bully from the same for 2years until i thought to myself enough is enough i am not taking no more. the next day at school i saw one of them  he called a bad word i cant say it, after that lost it i gave him all i have, so i won. iam 18 now and play football now so one messing with no more. here my point that person i was maybe you now, i know how you felt trust me i know but dont gave up . dont gave in fight the fight and you will win

- Davon Wlson- 1 reaction   

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