My Son

My son Jordan is the sweetest kid ever. Hes friendly smart loving & helpful in ever way he can be. When Jordan was a baby he got sick and started having seizures. He stopped breathing. I called 911 & we rush to the hospital. He was my first child so after that I was & still am overprotective of him. I never wanted to feel the feeling of did I lose him. Jordan is a little over weight. Last year he got bullied & I could tell something was wrong. He would cry & tell me this kids was hurting him calling him names & saying mean things. I watch this film & see so much of what was happening. His bully would follow him when Jordan would try to walk away. We would complain & same story about well we are taking care of it the teachers would say. Up to 6 warnings a "bully" could get before serious action could be taken. I seen him adept to being picked on & he would sit all alone. To stop the bullying he didn't