False Words and Little Whispers

Four years ago, I began middle school. Four months into school year, I told a few friends about my self harming problems. I wanted help from them, not attention. When I walked around the back of the school during lunch, I would always hear "cutter", "emo", or other nasty definitions people I hardly knew gave me. Someone finally reported me to a counselor and my parents were informed. They told me how disappointed in me they were. They wanted me to go to a psychiatrist but I refused. Doctors make me have anxiety attacks. Seventh and Eighth grade were okay. I pretended I fit it. I tried out for the cheerleading squad and eventually was made a co-captain. Freshman year was not nearly good. I made the JV cheerleading squad, because no freshman was allowed on varsity. I stayed on the squad from June to September. I quit because my