Bullied by a Neighbor and Off Duty Cop

My bullys were an off duty k9 Officer and my next door neighbor, both of whom I had never met prior to the incident.  I approached the neighbor one morning to find out about her 4 pitbulls who are in deplorable conditions and were escaping into my yard.  She took defense to this, and started to argue with me and then became physically abusive.  She was in my face, pushed me as hard as she could in the chest and then sucker punched me in my left eye, all the while had her cop friend across the street on speed dial from her cell phone.  He quickly took me to the ground by an arm bar and tripped me to the gravel where I fell face first in the gravel.  He layed his entire body on top of myn shouting to his wife to get his his handcuffs and shouted to the neighbor lady who assulted me to call the police.  He lied to the district police who then took his word for it and did not investigate properly, took me to jail.  Faced 6 years for two erronious felony charges.   I ended up at a trial by jury, with an amazing lawyer, and was aquitted of all charges by the judge.  Bullys come in all shapes, sizes and colors.   It can happen over time or in an instant.  Never give up and Never give in!!!!!


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