when i was in 5 grade i started to be my self and not who i wanted to be . but when i was in 6 grade they started bullying me, because i was different. everybody bullying me. i was only my self, but everybody was just like me. they wasn't any different then me. nobody like me. i cried every day, before i go to sleep and before i go to school. 
i started cutting my arm in 7 grade. everybody saw my cuts. i was being bullying and nobody pay attention. not my mom, dad, teachers and my old friends. my old friends didn't want to get bullying to so they just turnaround. then they forgot me. they was the bullyer. they wasn`t who got bullying. i had nobody to stand up for me when i could not do it for my self. 
all the bullyers kick me, pushed me and call me "ugly, fat and attention hore". one day my old friend showed up with cuts on her arm, leg and chest. everybody helped her. the teacher, friends and people on set street did. when i showed up everybody call me attention hore. 

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