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    Q: 13. We have developed a relationship with local law enforcement officials to help educate the school community about the legal ramifications of cyberbullying and who can assist with threats and hate incidents that arise online.
    A: We Could Give This More Attention

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    Silence Equals Violance

    I want to show children of all ages starting from grade school all the way to high school of what bullying can do to others. Possibly an event hosted by the school which would be raising funds and showing the effects of bullying to students, staff, and any donors involved with the school. We would give gifts to any people who contributed to the cause as a thank you for donating. Also have any organizations that helped with bullying come out and talk to students. We could bring in some speakers who might have been bullied to talk about how they are now and what they had to go through to get better. We would start locally in schools, after school programs, and library branches near by. All these are great places to start because of the areas that they are located, many people could easily access them easily. We would put up fliers and post up events on social media sites to raise more awareness and have a large number of people show up. We could run a series of events like this every month or every three months trying to build a larger crowd every time.

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    Sparking a Movement

    We’ve sparked a national movement to stop bullying that is transforming kids’ lives and changing a culture of bullying into one of empathy and action.  But we need your help to build this movement into a national force that ends bullying in our generation and helps schools get the skills and and support they need to become safe spaces that welcome all learners.

    We have already reached nearly 4 million students and educators worldwide - Will you help us reach 10 Million?

    We’ll put your donation to work immediately to support the Bully Project’s mission.  Join us, make a contribution today.

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